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Eighty-what? DEGREES

28 June 2011

 This is Natalie!  She's my best friend from the college dayz, and a friend I'll keep forever! Last weekend she got married, and I was privileged enough to attend the sealing for time and all eternity in the Rexburg, ID temple.  It was a BEAUTIFUL ceremony, and her and her new husband are adorable together.  They are moving here to Rexburg soon, and I can't wait to have a new couple to hang out with!
 It finally warmed up to (can you believe it) 80 degrees last week! It's about time! We used Ky's baby pool several times, and our neighbor's joined in the fun as well!  Also, Rexburg's new water park, Rexburg Rapids, just opened up and I can't wait to take Kyler there!  I just need to find some buddies who want to go too!
I love summers here, and I can't wait until Jared's semester is finally over so HE can enjoy it too without homework and studying getting in the way.  It's gonna be awwwesome.


24 June 2011

I have had A LOT of embarrassing moments lately. Here is one that happened recently:
(mind you I've had 4 more embarrassing moments since this one. story of my life)

We live in a pet-friendly apartment complex, and everyday at 7pm the dogs are allowed to play together outside (as long as the owners are outside too). The other day, my neighbors were outside talking to each other while watching the dogs play. I wanted to go out and join them, but since Jared wasn't home I had to bring Kyler with me. Soooo, I put Kyler in his snugli/kangaroo pouch's like a backpack for a baby, except in the front.... so I guess it should be called a frontpack? Anyways, I put him in one of those so I could have both hands free to play fetch with the dogs.
So there I was holding the tennis ball over my head, about to throw it, when the neighbor's Labrador Retriever jumps up, TAKES the ball from me, and on his way down.... his foot pulled my skirt down too.. ALL THE WAY to the ground... and to make matters worse, I couldn't just bend over and pull it back up because Kyler was hanging on my stomach in his snugli/kangaroo pouch thingy  so All of the neighbors just stood there and watched as I awkwardly tried to bend over backwards to pull my skirt back up. 

It's finally warming up here in Idaho, and everything is starting to turn green!

We have been going on LOTS and LOTS of walks lately. Kyler loves them.

naked baby before bath

 7 months

NO bugs!

22 June 2011

Last night, Kyler had green beans and strawberries for dinner
  Food always tastes better when it's messy!

Last weekend we went camping! 
I did have Kyler all bundled up asleep next to me at the beginning of the camp out, but then he kept waking up because it was too cold! Long story short... he ended up sleeping next to me in MY sleeping bag, which meant I couldn't sleep because:
                                  A. I was too paranoid that I would roll over in my sleep and crush him
                            B. He likes to sleep with his arms stretched out, and he took up all of the room >:(

BUT besides the fact that it was freezing, camping was fun!
Jared built a fire, and it was fab.  We played games, ate good food, talked to old friends, met new friends, went swimming in the hot springs, and stayed up late talking by the campfire. BUT the best part was... I didn't see a single bug! Now that's my kind of camping! :p

And so.... they meet.

19 June 2011

Up until now, they have been completely oblivious to each other.

Kyler grabs his ears, yanks on his tail, pulls handfuls of fur out, and Bauer just lays there and puts up with it like a champ :)

Kyler is now 28 weeks old! haha I thought it would make him sound younger in weeks. I don't want my baby to grow up! but whether I like it or not, he is 7 months old. A little about him lately: He is my little rollie pollie. Literally. His new mode of transportation is rolling, and he loves it! He is starting to babble more and more, and likes to imitate the way our mouths move. Stranger anxiety has begun, and he is becoming very attached to his mama. He thinks his daddy is the funniest thing in the world. He loves to sit up all by himself like a big boy, but he topples over easily when reaching for toys. He is a VERY good eater, but still doesnt have any teeth. He likes most anything we give him...except for bananas. He HATES bananas. At Kyler's check-up on Friday he weighed in at 18lbs and was 26 in tall. Which is 40%  for both height and weight. Doctor says he is a healthy baby boy :)

ps, Happy FIRST father's day Jared!

It's the middle of summer and.....

13 June 2011

Jared and I started watching LOST on netflix and to say it simply, we are addicted. Not that Lost is as good as 24 or anything. NOTHING beats 24, but Lost still a pretty good show, and it is something we enjoy doing together when Jared is done with his school work, and I'm done with....well... doing what I do. hah

Today Kyler figured out that if he rolls over both ways, he can move across the room! He is so happy with his new found skill.  Actually, he is just a happy baby in general :) We just can't get enough of this little guy. 

I bought Ky Guy a blow-up pool...but it has been too cold here to use it! Can you believe it?! 


All I want right now is to go back home to Georgia and spend the summer-- hanging out in my georgia sun...waterfalls splashing in the pool...Hawaiian music playing in the background....neighbors and friends over...diving board contests...late nights in the hot tub... eating ice-cream while watching the pool change colors...staring at the stars and talking about life. Man I miss those days! I wish I could bring Kyler and Jared back to the place I grew up.  My parents moved after I graduated, but Georgia will always be home to me.
Sorry I got a little carried away. lol
Anyways, as I was saying, it has been too cold here to swim, so I blew up Kyler's pool and put it in his room (with out the water) and it's his new favorite toy!!!

He is such a goober and we love him to pieces!  After all, what would my blog be with-out him?

Crafty Crafty, ME

06 June 2011

We bought our kitchen table off of KSL for dirt cheap when we first got married.  It's a sturdy table, and I love the color, but the top of it is damaged, so I made a table cloth this week!
I think it turned out pretty cute :)

Kyler grabbed the tablecloth at breakfast this morning, and almost pulled the whole thing off (and everything on the table)! he also tried to grab the sacrament tray today....i guess he is starting "that stage" help me! He is keeping me on my toes! I guess this is getting me ready for crawling? Don't wanna think about it!

I also made a new car seat cover!  Kyler's other one was too thick for the summer,
but this material is perfect for blocking out the hot sun/wind/rain, 
and it blocks out a lot of light so he can fall right to sleep if
I need to run errands during nap time.
I also added a strap on the side so that it doubles as a nursing cover!
My diaper bag is already stuffed full of things, so it is just one less thing
to carry around, which is really nice.

Who is this big boy sitting up in the cart? I love how is toes always curl together :)

My hair did look cute this morning. but then the day happened.
I went 2 shades lighter color- I'm thinking about going platinum blonde next.
haha why not? I want a change, and it's just for the summer!

I just looked at this picture and thought:
"hmmm...our grass isn't really lime green, Kyler's hair and face aren't really orange, and I didn't edit the color...
so I guess it's time for a new camera!" Seriously. Mine is ancient.
but hey, even with a bad camera, I still gotta cute baby!
He love love LOVES the jump and go!

 Two exhausted buddies. Jared has mid terms this week. boooo! Wish him luck!
and me luck...mid terms week= wife no gets to see husband week :(

Recap of April-May

02 June 2011

Just a few pictures and video clips from April and May. Family Memories~ aka another video for my little niece Maelee and nephew Nathan to watch over and over