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And so.... they meet.

19 June 2011

Up until now, they have been completely oblivious to each other.

Kyler grabs his ears, yanks on his tail, pulls handfuls of fur out, and Bauer just lays there and puts up with it like a champ :)

Kyler is now 28 weeks old! haha I thought it would make him sound younger in weeks. I don't want my baby to grow up! but whether I like it or not, he is 7 months old. A little about him lately: He is my little rollie pollie. Literally. His new mode of transportation is rolling, and he loves it! He is starting to babble more and more, and likes to imitate the way our mouths move. Stranger anxiety has begun, and he is becoming very attached to his mama. He thinks his daddy is the funniest thing in the world. He loves to sit up all by himself like a big boy, but he topples over easily when reaching for toys. He is a VERY good eater, but still doesnt have any teeth. He likes most anything we give him...except for bananas. He HATES bananas. At Kyler's check-up on Friday he weighed in at 18lbs and was 26 in tall. Which is 40%  for both height and weight. Doctor says he is a healthy baby boy :)

ps, Happy FIRST father's day Jared!

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  1. you have a beautiful family char! and you are a beautiful mommy.


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