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06 June 2011

We bought our kitchen table off of KSL for dirt cheap when we first got married.  It's a sturdy table, and I love the color, but the top of it is damaged, so I made a table cloth this week!
I think it turned out pretty cute :)

Kyler grabbed the tablecloth at breakfast this morning, and almost pulled the whole thing off (and everything on the table)! he also tried to grab the sacrament tray today....i guess he is starting "that stage" help me! He is keeping me on my toes! I guess this is getting me ready for crawling? Don't wanna think about it!

I also made a new car seat cover!  Kyler's other one was too thick for the summer,
but this material is perfect for blocking out the hot sun/wind/rain, 
and it blocks out a lot of light so he can fall right to sleep if
I need to run errands during nap time.
I also added a strap on the side so that it doubles as a nursing cover!
My diaper bag is already stuffed full of things, so it is just one less thing
to carry around, which is really nice.

Who is this big boy sitting up in the cart? I love how is toes always curl together :)

My hair did look cute this morning. but then the day happened.
I went 2 shades lighter color- I'm thinking about going platinum blonde next.
haha why not? I want a change, and it's just for the summer!

I just looked at this picture and thought:
"hmmm...our grass isn't really lime green, Kyler's hair and face aren't really orange, and I didn't edit the color...
so I guess it's time for a new camera!" Seriously. Mine is ancient.
but hey, even with a bad camera, I still gotta cute baby!
He love love LOVES the jump and go!

 Two exhausted buddies. Jared has mid terms this week. boooo! Wish him luck!
and me luck...mid terms week= wife no gets to see husband week :(


  1. charlene! your hair is gorgeous and you and your mom are seriously twins! i can't believe it. and kyler's hair is getting long. doing everything you want this summer! you are a beautiful mommy.

  2. Oh my Char you are so crafty its amazing. I can't believe that you are still nursing. lol. Kyler is getting some hair its adorable. If you go platinum blond like Melanie that will look different but you will still look beautiful as always. Are you bleaching your hair to go lighter? Good luck to Jared I'm sure he will do great he is a smart guy. And good luck to you. But you will have Bauer and Kyler's company that is good. Love you and miss you lots!!!

  3. Thanks court!

    And meg, yes, i'm still nursing. Doctors recommend breastfeeding for AT LEAST the first 12 months of the baby's life. I don't think I will last THAT long, but I'm doing what I can for the little guy :) I get my hair done at Paul Mitchell.

  4. That's strange because I heard that mothers should stop nursing after 4 months. But that's good. lol Will they bleach your hair to go lighter if you do go platinum blond?

  5. Yeah it is Definitely 12 months. hahahahaha i dont know where you heard 4!! Breastmilk is the healthiest nutrition a baby can have.

    They use hair dye, but i'm pretty sure bleach is one of the ingredients IN the hair dye.

  6. lol i know breastmilk is very healthy for a baby. wow i know you will look great im sure i will be able to recognize you when you come next month. :-)

  7. no no no, please no to the platinum! the only one that can pull it off successfully is paris hilton, and that's only b/c she can afford to get it look platinum and not greenish white. stay dark, you look good!

  8. Don't listen to em. I think you could totally pull it off! Em's just crochety & RUDE.

  9. lol!! calm down sisterrrrs

    i dont mean like white. just BLONDE with no brown. and its just for the summer. if it looks bad for a few months WHO CARES?!?!


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