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24 June 2011

I have had A LOT of embarrassing moments lately. Here is one that happened recently:
(mind you I've had 4 more embarrassing moments since this one. story of my life)

We live in a pet-friendly apartment complex, and everyday at 7pm the dogs are allowed to play together outside (as long as the owners are outside too). The other day, my neighbors were outside talking to each other while watching the dogs play. I wanted to go out and join them, but since Jared wasn't home I had to bring Kyler with me. Soooo, I put Kyler in his snugli/kangaroo pouch's like a backpack for a baby, except in the front.... so I guess it should be called a frontpack? Anyways, I put him in one of those so I could have both hands free to play fetch with the dogs.
So there I was holding the tennis ball over my head, about to throw it, when the neighbor's Labrador Retriever jumps up, TAKES the ball from me, and on his way down.... his foot pulled my skirt down too.. ALL THE WAY to the ground... and to make matters worse, I couldn't just bend over and pull it back up because Kyler was hanging on my stomach in his snugli/kangaroo pouch thingy  so All of the neighbors just stood there and watched as I awkwardly tried to bend over backwards to pull my skirt back up. 

It's finally warming up here in Idaho, and everything is starting to turn green!

We have been going on LOTS and LOTS of walks lately. Kyler loves them.

naked baby before bath

 7 months


  1. bahahahah this is great! I hope you aren't too traumatized though. Next time. snug fitting pants. those skirts can me dangerous!

  2. Oh my gosh that is awful! When Niko was Kyler's age when I'd hold him he'd pull my shirt down around the collar and basically flash everyone. Whoops.

  3. i am so embarrassed for you. i hope the embarrassing moments stop soon.


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