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It's the middle of summer and.....

13 June 2011

Jared and I started watching LOST on netflix and to say it simply, we are addicted. Not that Lost is as good as 24 or anything. NOTHING beats 24, but Lost still a pretty good show, and it is something we enjoy doing together when Jared is done with his school work, and I'm done with....well... doing what I do. hah

Today Kyler figured out that if he rolls over both ways, he can move across the room! He is so happy with his new found skill.  Actually, he is just a happy baby in general :) We just can't get enough of this little guy. 

I bought Ky Guy a blow-up pool...but it has been too cold here to use it! Can you believe it?! 


All I want right now is to go back home to Georgia and spend the summer-- hanging out in my georgia sun...waterfalls splashing in the pool...Hawaiian music playing in the background....neighbors and friends over...diving board contests...late nights in the hot tub... eating ice-cream while watching the pool change colors...staring at the stars and talking about life. Man I miss those days! I wish I could bring Kyler and Jared back to the place I grew up.  My parents moved after I graduated, but Georgia will always be home to me.
Sorry I got a little carried away. lol
Anyways, as I was saying, it has been too cold here to swim, so I blew up Kyler's pool and put it in his room (with out the water) and it's his new favorite toy!!!

He is such a goober and we love him to pieces!  After all, what would my blog be with-out him?


  1. Char, you just made me SO nastalgic I started tearing up! :( :( WAH! :( :( I miss Georgia! And our pool and our summers!!!! Remember acting so retarded falling in the water? And jumping on the tramp during thunderstorms like lunatics? :( I wish you were here to go to the pool with us in tx at least... please come out here for school!!!

  2. OH MY GOSH. I AM OBSESSED WITH LOST. And Nathan and I started watching it last night cuz nathan hasn't seen it. And we are watching it on Netflix! We are such TWINNERS!!


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