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NO bugs!

22 June 2011

Last night, Kyler had green beans and strawberries for dinner
  Food always tastes better when it's messy!

Last weekend we went camping! 
I did have Kyler all bundled up asleep next to me at the beginning of the camp out, but then he kept waking up because it was too cold! Long story short... he ended up sleeping next to me in MY sleeping bag, which meant I couldn't sleep because:
                                  A. I was too paranoid that I would roll over in my sleep and crush him
                            B. He likes to sleep with his arms stretched out, and he took up all of the room >:(

BUT besides the fact that it was freezing, camping was fun!
Jared built a fire, and it was fab.  We played games, ate good food, talked to old friends, met new friends, went swimming in the hot springs, and stayed up late talking by the campfire. BUT the best part was... I didn't see a single bug! Now that's my kind of camping! :p

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  1. well, MY Idea of camping is in a nice cool hotel room. hahaa..!! j/k

    I guess camping could be fun, maybe one day I'll try it out...but don't hold your breathe!

    but I'm glad you had fun!


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