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08 July 2011

I miss Hawaii, and I wanna go back!  Who wouldn't?

I miss MY beach, and building SAND-snow-men for Jared

I miss all of my friends
I miss having a new adventure to look forward to everyday
Okay, so the one thing I DONT miss about Hawaii is being thousands of miles away from Jared, and only seeing him once, the entire 4 months I was there.  Thank goodness I wont ever have that problem again!
 I told Jared to apply to medical school in Hawaii....but after doing some research we found out that they only accept like 1 person from the mainland. blahhhh.

This week went by pretty fast!  We had a fun 4th of July weekend.  Kyler LOVED the fireworks.  I was a little nervous about the noise scaring him, but it didn't! 

Kyler rolls/wiggles around so much now that he often finds himself trapped!  He gets stuck under the kitchen table... between couches... or like in this picture, under his crib!  I'm finally starting to have to baby-proof the house!

PS, Jared only has TWO weeks left of the semester! woooohoooo!


  1. Aww, you miss Hawaii the way I miss my San Diego! It's nice to have someone know the feeling!

    Oh and I love your headband in your family picture, it's cute I'll have to get me one of those :). And, I really like your hair blonde, it looks really good in your fam pic. You have made me start thinking about new colors for mine, hmm.....

  2. i love your header picture the antczak family looks handsome and gorgeous. love the hair. don't be a stranger we need to talk more


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