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These Dreams Might Find Their Way Into My Everyday Scene

23 August 2011

Several our friends moved away this summer. I guess that is what happens when you live in a college town.  Part of me is happy for them though.  They are moving on to the next phase of their lives, and I just think that is so exciting!  I can't wait until we move too!  I know I will miss a lot of things about Rexburg when we do finally move (in December) its been home for 4 years!  but I really am excited to leave/  The only thing is, is that we have NO idea where we are going yet! California? Utah? North Carolina? HAWAII???  who knows?! okay probably not Hawaii any time soon, but I can always dream!  :)

Summer is going by quickly!  Jared has been busy working like a mad man trying to get in as many hours as possible, but I love that when he is home, he is HOME with no school work to keep him busy, so we get to do lots of fun things!

 We hiked "R Mountain" and let Bauer swim in the Snake River this week, which was really fun :)

Jared and I spoke in church on Sunday!  Our talks went well, and were actually kind of fun to give, because we weren't nervous. We didn't have time to be! Kyler recently learned how to crawl, and was in to everything (including the papers for my talk)! He no longer likes to sit on our laps in church and listen, he likes to go exploring!  At one point in church, Kyler crawled over to the bishop, sat on his foot, and farted. very LOUDLY.  hahahaha  he is such a b-o-y.  

I know I already said this once on facebook, but a lot of my fam doesn't have facebook, so I will tell it again:
Earlier this week, we walked into Kyler's room to wake him up from his find him already awake! Quietly sitting up and entertaining himself.  As I walked closer, I smelled something funny and realized what he was entertaining himself with.  HE FIGURED OUT HOW TO TAKE OFF HIS DIAPER....and yes, was playing with poo.  He smeared it everywhere. All over his sheets and bumper, all over his face, and between his toes...AHHH he is 9 months old, how did he figure out how to take it off?! 

but then I read this blog: Mr. and Mrs Barnard and now I don't feel quite so bad :)


  1. haha funny little boy. looks like you're having fun exploring of your own. :-) hope all is well.

  2. I am so sorry you had a number two related incident. They are the worst. But part of me is glad to know that I'm not alone in this suffering ;). You have a little Houdini boy on your hands!


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