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Vacay with the fam

01 August 2011

It has been a week full of events! Jared FINALLY finished the semester, and with all A's too! That's my honey! As soon as we could leave  Rexburg, we drove to Jareds family's cabin! 

My niece and 2 of my nephews (and their friend)
It was so much fun!  We went 4wheeling, played games and watched movies with the fam! ....but then Kyler got sick, and because we were out of state, the only place our insurance would cover was the ER.

So to the hospital we went!
Ky's first time in the hospital (besides his birth...)
He was diagnosed with acute bronchitis and a viral rash.  Poor baby.  
He was given meds and a few days later... he was all better!

After the cabin we visited some other family, and went mini golfing and saw Harry Potter 7 part 2 at the Imax in 3D. 
It was awesome. 

Then, Kyler and I flew across the country, for my fam's reunion, and here I am today!  Jared unfortunately couldn't come, because tickets were too expensive for both of us to go  :(

My parents have a beach house.
It has been SOOOO fun.  Today I went surfing, and saw 8 dolphins!
Kyler loves the beach too.

It is really hot and humid here, so most of the time he chills in the shade with his cousin Carmella
Kyler 8 months.  Carmella 6 months.
On my side of the family, there are 7 grand-kids ages 4 and under.  Today we tried to take a picture of them all together.  It was pretty funny. (they all kept crying)

We finally resorted to bribing them with candy. haha it worked!

Kyler was actually semi-cooperating, so I snapped a few pics of him down at the beach.

We are having fun at the beach, but I sure can't wait to get home and see Jared, and Bauer, and sleep in my own bed!

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