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Baby Hands Constantly Moving

16 August 2011

Kyler is 9 months old today! Has he really been ours for 9 whole months?

Just a few facts about this little boy lately:

-He LOVES to make messes. He will take all of his toys out of the box and spread them around the room, and then he won't even play with them. He likes to play with things that aren't really toys, like my phone.
-ANYTHING he gets ahold of goes instantly into his mouth. This kid loves to eat! I guess that one is pretty apparent... lol  but he surprisingly still doesn't have any teeth!
-His new favorite word is Dada (doesn't know what it means yet) but still loves to say it!
-When Kyler is really excited, his hands will wiggle non stop! It's really cute. Jared did the same thing with his hands when he was a baby too.


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