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Alarm clocks

29 September 2011

Jared and I had a random discussion on alarm clocks this morning, and I thought it would be fun to take a Poll. How many times do YOU push the snooze button in the morning?

First Haircut

28 September 2011

Last night for our FHE activity, we 
(actually jared, {I distracted ky with Popsicles and toys to get him to hold still!})  
gave Kyler his first haircut!
It was getting to the point where I could make a ponytail in the back, so I said "that's it, it's time!" 
and off went his baby hair.  
okay so you cant really tell too much in the picture, and it was wet after so it looks funny. haha  I'll have to take a new pic.

(Side note- we saved a little of his baby hair in a bag to put in his baby book, and writing this post made me question where it was.  So I just asked Jared and he said "I put it on your side of the bed." Ewwwww! hahaha Of all places, why there?! Men :p )

Jared and I have been really good about working out these last couple months.  
Last week I hit my -40lbs (30 of those pounds were from pregnancy) since this time last year mark.
So here's a pic of me in those favorite tiny jeans from High School I kept hidden in the back of the closet for 3 years in hopes of SOME DAY fitting in them again.  Low and behold, that day has come :) Protein shakes, healthy food and visiting the gym almost everyday...brings results!

Jared is back in the school/work groove, and has already gotten some secondary applications to medical school! 

Kyler is FINALLY teething!!!  The tooth hasn't broken through yet, but his bottom gums are really puffy and sensitive.  He is the drool king, and EVERYTHING goes straight to his mouth these days... even his car seat shade:

Kyler weighs just over 20lbs now... and his cute baby thigh rolls are getting smaller (sad!)  
He will be going to college before we know it!


22 September 2011

Kyler has become quite the messy eater these days.  He prefers to feed if you cant tell.
This picture cracks me up.

See ya summer... you've been great!

16 September 2011

Whew! It looks like Jared survived his LAST FIRST week of college.  Jared only needed 2 more classes to graduate, but he decided that he wanted to take 4 classes for fun. This confuses me. Oh and by fun, I mean classes like Advanced Neuroscience and Histology with a three hour lab. This confuses me further.  
 Husband-that's-handsome-and-talented-say WHAT!??! (sorry been a little Hannah Montana deprived lately) 
No but really, I love how he never takes the easy way out, and does the best he can at everything. Way to go babe!
OH, and also this week, he submitted his application to medical school!!!!!!

Last week, Jared's parents were here, and we had so much fun! We went to lots of fun places like: Bear World, Yellow Stone, and Jackson, Wyoming to see my brother in-law, Sean, finish a 206 mile bike race!

oh you know, just a black bear right in front of our car. no biggie.
The scariest bear in all of Bear World.

Grandpa had to take this picture to show to Mark....WHITE ELK.

Here is the promised family home movie.  It's so cute, I just can't stop watching it. We had such a fun summer.  I turned the heater on this morning because its FREEZING here today..boooo! Good bye summer, you've been great!

Catching up

04 September 2011

Oh dont mind me, just REALLY slacking on my blog lately....Don't worry, I'll make up for it next post. 
Get pumped for another family Home Movie!

 Last week was mine and Jared's SECOND anniversary! We had so much fun going to dinner and a movie without the rugrat.  Then we got ColdStone and went star gazing out at the sand dunes.  

oh and did I mention that he got me the necklace I wanted? So spoiled, I know :)

Showing him my Pinterest boards really paid off! 
Who would have thought he was actually paying attention to all of my blabbering? lol

 Right after we got home from the sand dunes, I immediately started puking. How romantic, I know. I think it was food poisoning or something. lol  Looking back it's kind of funny.  Kyler has also been sick this whole week with an upset stomach, poor baby.  We had to switch up is formula. :(

Showing off my man muscles.  Jared has been workin' me at the gym! :p
 Jared has been in California the past few days.  His professor paid him to help drive the new interns down to UC Davis and show them around. He comes home tomorrow, THANK GOODNESS, I miss him so much.
Bauer on "Pride Rock"
 Jared's Parents are coming to visit next week, and we are excited to have them.  Also, I acquired a booth at the farmer's market, and will be starting next Friday selling carseat covers!  They are really cute.You should buy one.
That is all the updates from our little family I can think of for now. 
Hope everybody is enjoying their Labor Day Weekend!!