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Catching up

04 September 2011

Oh dont mind me, just REALLY slacking on my blog lately....Don't worry, I'll make up for it next post. 
Get pumped for another family Home Movie!

 Last week was mine and Jared's SECOND anniversary! We had so much fun going to dinner and a movie without the rugrat.  Then we got ColdStone and went star gazing out at the sand dunes.  

oh and did I mention that he got me the necklace I wanted? So spoiled, I know :)

Showing him my Pinterest boards really paid off! 
Who would have thought he was actually paying attention to all of my blabbering? lol

 Right after we got home from the sand dunes, I immediately started puking. How romantic, I know. I think it was food poisoning or something. lol  Looking back it's kind of funny.  Kyler has also been sick this whole week with an upset stomach, poor baby.  We had to switch up is formula. :(

Showing off my man muscles.  Jared has been workin' me at the gym! :p
 Jared has been in California the past few days.  His professor paid him to help drive the new interns down to UC Davis and show them around. He comes home tomorrow, THANK GOODNESS, I miss him so much.
Bauer on "Pride Rock"
 Jared's Parents are coming to visit next week, and we are excited to have them.  Also, I acquired a booth at the farmer's market, and will be starting next Friday selling carseat covers!  They are really cute.You should buy one.
That is all the updates from our little family I can think of for now. 
Hope everybody is enjoying their Labor Day Weekend!!


  1. I'll make sure to visit your booth on Friday! I hope it does well!

  2. That's fun you cheered with Alyssa! Pretty sweet to know a Disney princess huh!?? :) She is actually one of my dearest friends. We were roommates up at school and she was my maid of honor at my we call her Auntie Lyss now! Haha! Love her!!! Oh and love your darling family updates btw. Your little man is seriously so so darling & getting so big!


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