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See ya summer... you've been great!

16 September 2011

Whew! It looks like Jared survived his LAST FIRST week of college.  Jared only needed 2 more classes to graduate, but he decided that he wanted to take 4 classes for fun. This confuses me. Oh and by fun, I mean classes like Advanced Neuroscience and Histology with a three hour lab. This confuses me further.  
 Husband-that's-handsome-and-talented-say WHAT!??! (sorry been a little Hannah Montana deprived lately) 
No but really, I love how he never takes the easy way out, and does the best he can at everything. Way to go babe!
OH, and also this week, he submitted his application to medical school!!!!!!

Last week, Jared's parents were here, and we had so much fun! We went to lots of fun places like: Bear World, Yellow Stone, and Jackson, Wyoming to see my brother in-law, Sean, finish a 206 mile bike race!

oh you know, just a black bear right in front of our car. no biggie.
The scariest bear in all of Bear World.

Grandpa had to take this picture to show to Mark....WHITE ELK.

Here is the promised family home movie.  It's so cute, I just can't stop watching it. We had such a fun summer.  I turned the heater on this morning because its FREEZING here today..boooo! Good bye summer, you've been great!


  1. seriously can your family get any cuter?!

  2. char- your little family is so adorable! I can't believe how cute little kyler is!

  3. thanks for sharing! I love the video and the pictures you post.


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