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10 November 2011

I sometimes forget about my friends and family that haven't joined the facebook world yet and don't know the latest and greatest with the Antczak fam...haha sorry I love you but really....get a facebook already!  
(That includes you too dad. haha)

Anyways, as of last week, I'm a brunette again!  

I wasn't planning on it so soon...I wanted to go back more gradually, but it kinda happened on accident.  I went to a BEAUTY school. lol ENOUGH SAID.  I walked in and asked the girl to touch up my roots and add in a few light brown lowlights, and her response was:
"I HAVE NEVER DIED HAIR BEFORE! You are my first!" 
Believe me, that was REAL comforting to hear.  Couldn't she have at least waited until after she was done to tell me that?  I was nervous the entire time....and yes by "entire time" I mean the whole 5 hours I was there. 
It seriously took THAT long.  Oh well, alls well ends well. or however that saying goes. I am back to my natural color.  


  1. I can't believe it took them 5 hours! that's just ridiculous! It looks great though! :)


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