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18 November 2011

Well, if we've learned anything today, it's that Kyler HATES doctors. 
(good thing his daddy is going to become one some day. lol)
Kyler went in for his one year check-up and immunizations today.

Just a few highlights:
  • Kyler refusing to look at the Doctor in the eyes because he was scared of him.
  • Kyler SCREAMING when he got put on the scratchy paper with no clothes on.
  • Kyler SCREAMING when the doctor looked in his ear.
  • Kyler SCREAMING when 3 people had to hold him down to give him his shots
  • oh yeah and Kyler SCREAMING when they stuck him with 5 needles for his actual shots.
    His Lightning McQueen car was his only comforting aspect of the visit. He loves his car.

    His 12 month stats:
    He weighs 22lbs (41%) and is 30 inches (66%) tall and has a head circumference of 18 inches (31%)


    Thanks...for commenting!!