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Family Home Movie Sept-Oct

04 November 2011

Family home movie of Sept and Oct 2011. Just a warning, they are REALLY random clips, because we did so many different things these past two months- yellowstone, bear world, conference in salt lake, Kyler’s firsts haircut and taste of pepsi, the farmer’s market, the strawmaze….you’ll see what I mean!


  1. hey i love the video. what software do you use to combine the video clips?

  2. just windows movie maker that is on every computer. its ghetto

  3. oh i thought it was a better software lol

  4. cute Char!...

    hey are you guys coming down for Thanksgiving? We are having a dinner here I think...either here or kays, but come if you can....I know you have all Jareds family, but it will be fun to see you all!

  5. Yes we are coming down for thanksgiving, and would love to see you guys! I think jared made plans with his fam on actual thanksgiving day, but doesnt kay usually do the day after thanksgiving dinner? we could do that if she is!


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