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Gobble Gobble said the Turkey:

28 November 2011

Thanksgiving this year was AWESOME. As usual.
We  celebrated the day with family from both Jared's side, and mine.

Sorry for posting sooo many pictures. They are just too cute not to post.

Cousin Maelee

Cousins Max and Kaeleigh (Bauer's nose is so long and skinny he can reach every last drop!)

Kyler pushing around his birthday present!

I looooove this picture. Cousin Jack holding kyler and watching Maelee...and I love the mountains in the background too. LOVE

Cousin Charley!
With mine and Jared's families combined, we have 20 nieces and nephews! and will have TWO new ones born in December, which will make the grand total 22!!  I love our big family

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