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27 December 2011

 WE ARE IN UTAH!!....but are leaving tomorrow. Sad day.We are going to miss seeing our family so often.

On our drive across the country, we are going make a few stops to see mine and Jared's sisters, that we haven't seen in FOREVER... so we are excited!

We should be across the country by Sunday. It is going to be a long crazy road trip...with a 1 year old, and a huge golden retriever in the back seat of our small Camry, but it will be fun!

Jared spoke at graduation last week, and it went very well, sooo proud of him.

I met my newest niece and nephew this week!! Snuggling with newborns all week definitely makes me want another one! They are so adorable, and I forget how tiny they are at first!




I don't have a lot of time to blog right now... so I will have update about Christmas later! buuuut..I will brag about Kyler's FAVORITE present....he got his first tooth!!! hahaha I can't wait for him to get more, so he can actually eat real food annnnnd because they are gonna be so super cute!

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