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Noticing Silence= Naughty Toddler!

07 December 2011

Today Kyler was helping me pack up some boxes. I was taping up a box when I noticed silence. Now if you're a parent too, you know what I mean when I say "noticed silence".  Noticing silence almost always means that your child is up to no good. 

Take today for example...this is what Kyler was up to, when I noticed silence:
He was just right next to me two seconds ago!
Slobber on the cardboard
The whole roll....gone.
It is incredibly hard NOT to laugh at moments like these. I wanted to tell him "No no Kyler! We don't play with the toilet paper roll" with a stern look on my face so that he would know it was wrong, but instead? I laugh and snap a picture.  Sooner or later I'm sure I will stop laughing at moments like these and he will get the point, but until then? 
HA HA!!!

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  1. It's always good to fill a home with laughter. I always remind myself that we might as well laugh and maybe I'll remember to shut the door next time. lol Little rascal!


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