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14 December 2011

Rexburg. The small college town I moved to when I was 18 years old... It's been home for the past 4 1/2 years of my life. Thanks for all of the fun memories, the amazing friends, the college degrees, and most of all, for a wonderful atmosphere where our strong family was built.

This is when Jared and I first started dating. We made "banana pancakes" if you cant tell what those are. haha

I had a lot of awesome/crazy/fun roomates, This one is Natalie. My first roomate..after our puppychow/muddie buddies war:

Coaching cheerleading at BYU-Idaho. SOO fun, and kinda makes me want to coach again! Maybe for a middle school cheer team? Someday.

Our crazy puppy he is 90lbs!

Some of our favorite couples to hang out with!

This is one of the things I will probably miss the most about Rexburg. Living right across the street from a temple!

Where our family was built:

Where our baby was born:

And here we are today!

We are just finishing up packing today, internet will be cancelled tomorrow, Jared speaks at graduation on Friday, and then we are on the road!

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  1. Awe Char! I love the memories we have made!! I made puppy chow last night and thought of you and all the fun we had! I cant wait until we get to see each other again. If there is anything we can do this week to help... Babysit Kyler.. make dinner... ANYTHING... Let me know!


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