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Christmas, ER visit, and a 37 hour car trip, oh my!

06 January 2012

Yeah yeah, I know I still have a Christmas background up, buuut no time to change it right now :)
 Christmas was good! We split it 50/50 with each of our families. Christmas eve night we spent the night at my brother's neighbor's house (his neighbors were out of town, and said we could use their house if my brother needed extra beds) My brother, Ben, already had about 15 other family members sleeping at his house, so we decided to go over to the neighbors, rather than sleeping on Ben's kitchen floor. LOL... Anyways, long story short, we kinds sorta lost his neighbor's cat, and somehow ended up with their daughter's nightlight in my bag? wooops! pretty sure we aren't invited back there.

We had a loooong drive across the country so we decided to take the scenic route and visit a few of our siblings along the way.
We went to the Albuquerque Aquarium...Ky LOVED it, and LOVED meeting 2 of his cousins and an Aunt for the first time too!
This is Ky and his cousin Carmella. They are 2 months apart:
Nothing is as cute as nakey baby bums! This is right before C dove head first into the tub, after Ky "gave her a boost" lol

My sister, Melanie, decided it would be fun to follow us the rest of the trip to surprise visit my parents! Me and Ky rode with her most of the way, so that I could take care of the kids, while Jared drove our car. THREE minutes after we left Mel’s house…. Kyler started barfing ALL over….clothes carseat, carseat buckles, blankets, toys…etc. I started panicking because Kyler has never thrown up before! Luckily, he had peaches for breakfast that morning, so his puke actually kinda smelled….well, I wouldn't say lip-smacking good, haha but at least it didn't smell horrible!
We thought about turning around and just leaving the next day, but I had to work, and there was no guarantee that Ky would be better by then anyways…Soooo we cleaned him up as best we could and went on our way…and...3 more barf incidents and 4 ginormous blowout episodes later…we made it to here safe and sound.

Don't be the angelic looking picture...
ER beds are nowhere near as comfortable as maternity beds...and those aren't comfortable at ALL. lol
Somehow I managed to fall asleep while trying to get Kyler to nap.

After we got here, Kyler still wasn’t getting better and then Jared started getting sick too, so I took them to the hospital (only place our insurance would cover here) We were in the ER for 6 hours!! They were soooo stinkin’ slow! But both are doing better now :)  More updates later!

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  1. oh my you had a busy week glad they are doing better. :)


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