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22 January 2012

I wasn't going to blog again for another week because my last post was so stinkin' big...buuuut...
obviously I caved.  
Today, I took the picture on the right, and exactly 1 year ago, I took the one on the left.
First of all, I can't believe it's already been a year since he was that tiny helpless baby, and second of all, I can't believe how much he has grown!  Feeding him back then was A LOT easier. I just had to nurse him/give him formula every couple of hours and I knew he was getting the proper nutrition he needed. Now, however, it is so much more difficult. I find myself thinking, is that too much? or too little? has he even touched a vegetable today? What has my husband already fed him today?..etc  SOOO I created this baby:
I made it using information I found on Florida's Department of Health recommended feeding guidelines for toddlers. The list of bullets with foods next to them are examples of how big a portion is for each type of food, and the little squares at the bottom are how many portions they need (a place to mark once they have eaten a serving of that food)
I know what your thinking:
  • "Either she's a crazy/obsessive mom" OR 
  • "She has way too much free time on her hands."
Probably both.
Anywho, maybe I am a little weird. Okay, REALLY weird, because I printed it out, put it in a plastic sheet protector, and put a dry erase marker next to it, by his highchair so that I (or whoever is feeding him) can put check marks in the appropriate boxes, so that we know what he has already eaten that day, and what he still needs to eat in order to have a balanced, healthy diet. Today was my first day using it, and I am surprised at how much it actually helps! Maybe I should make one for myself... I eat so horribly!

-Okay, that's it from this crazy, obsessive mama-


  1. I like it its so awesome good job Char.

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  3. So fun to catch up on your blog. i love that you're doing one written just about and for Kyler :)


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