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My name is Charlene, and I'm....

27 February 2012

My name is Charlene and I'm addicted to Chick-Fil-A sauce.

Confession time:
  • Every-time we go to Chick-Fil-A I have to order like 8 extra packs of Chick-Fil-A sauce so that I can re-stock my car, and fridge with it.
  • I put it on EVERYTHING. Including sandwiches I make at home, and on any other restaurant food I eat that is not Chick-Fil-A.
  • I am convinced that Chick-Fil-A sauce makes everything taste better.
  • After we go through the drive through at Chick-Fil-A, I will usually park the car, go back INSIDE the store (after we just went through the drive through mind you), and ask for additional packs of Chick-Fil-A sauce (just to make sure I have enough).
  • Just like a kid, I sometimes even lick the container to make sure I get out every last drop. Yeah. I just said that.
  • My husband still loves and fully supports me through it all. He even grabbed an un-opened Chick-Fil-A sauce off of a tray that was about to be thrown away...just for me! Is he a keeper or what?!
  •  In California, the Chick-Fil-A kept their sauces out for anyone to take as much as they wanted! It was HEAVEN:

  • I admit that I am the reason many Chick-Fil-As have stopped doing this and now have to keep their sauces behind the counter. Hey, admitting it is the first step to recovery....right?

Proud Parents Moment

26 February 2012

Today we had a Regional Conference instead of our normal Church meetings. For those of you who are not familiar with what that is, Regional Conference is where all the congregations in a geographical area (in our case North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland) meet at their church buildings and watch a live satellite broadcast where leaders of the Church speak to us. I thought a normal 1 hour Sacrament meeting was tough enough for Kyler. Try getting a 15 month old to sit still for TWO hours! Impossible!!! Jared and I had to take turns with him out of the chapel so that he didn't continue distracting everyone around us. While Kyler was walking down the halls with Dada, Jared would point to pictures of the Savior and say, "Who's that?... Jesus!" Soon Kyler was pointing to the pictures and saying, "Deeduh!" (his way of saying Jesus). He has been learning so many new words lately, I can't believe it! Everyday is exciting to see what he learns next. Such a cutie!

What do we do when Daddy is gone?

25 February 2012

Jared has been working from 11am-10pm this week. I'm not a fan of that shift...but he does get time and a half overtime hours, so that's a bonus.  However, it has left me bored and lonely this week.  (thus all of the many blog posts the past few days) So here is what me and Ky have been up to, while Jared has been working:

We have been staying in our pjs for most of the day, and eating yummy snacks!
Exciting, huh?

Ky sat in the big boy chair this week! Doesn't he look so grown up? This pic turned out kinda blurry, so I decided to take another one, but riiiiight before I did, Ky thought it would be fun to stand up....which lead to this cute picture, of me catching him...instead of a non-blurry version of the above pic (maybe he isn't ready for a big boy chair yet after all)

Did you notice the new tat on my hand? Want a close up picture of it? Of course you do!
The ten year old I babysit drew it with a sharpie. Wonderful. I wonder how long that's going to take to wash off. Anyways, it is supposed to be a case you couldn't tell. Random, I know. haha gotta love kids :)

On a completely random note, I just had a flashback to when Jared and I were shopping for my engagement ring yearrrs ago.  We went to several stores just browsing (he hadn't officially popped the question yet) and this one lady kept insisting that we buy a ring before we left her store (reeeeal annoying). So I kindly told her that none of the rings in her store had what I was looking for. I described the type of ring I liked, and also mentioned that I would like a ring with a thick band to cover the scar on my finger that was there from surgery from when I broke it on my trampoline in 8th grade. Then the sales lady informed me that I shouldn't be looking for a ring with a thick band anyways, because hers are so pretty that nobody will be looking at my scar anyways. REALLY? She was trying to tell me what kind of ring I wanted? Is she really that desperate?  So Jared drove me to a new store, where I found the ring I'm wearing now. The second I put it on, I immediately fell in love with it, and best of all, there was no annoying sales lady telling me which ring I should and shouldn't like! ps I'm diggin' the white nails this week. They feel so fresh and clean! I tried to do the punk all black look once (I like it on other people)...but it didn't work for me. I love the white look though!

Okay, one last picture:
Kyler will be on the completely opposite side of the a different room...playing with his toys, but the second I open the fridge door BAM he is right there playing with the glass soy sauce bottle, and taking off the Redi Wip cap and licking it. yummmm. He is a handful these days, but he cracks me up.

How well do you know me?

24 February 2012

Add up your points and see!
(Random facts)

2 Points if you know I majored in Child Development.

3 Points if you know that my dog has his own voice (he sounds like DUG from Up). 2 points if you have ever heard my impression of it. It's awesome.

3 Points if you know that I love singing! (4 points if you've ever heard me sing a solo! in the

5 points if you know that I have always wanted a Chinese baby. I don't know why, but I think they are the cutest!  Obviously none of mine and Jared's babies will ever be I really want to go to China, and adopt a Chinese baby girl someday. Have you ever seen "China's Lost Girls" on netflix? Breaks my heart!

2 Points if you know that I'm a Mormon.

1 Point if you know that I lived in Hawaii for a few months.

2 Points if you know that I'm the quietest person ever around strangers. It takes me a while (and when I say "a while" I mean like 6 months) to open up to people, but once I do, you'll be surprised to find that I'm actually pretty hyper/loud.

2 Points if you know that I am the youngest of 5 kids in my family.

2 Points if you know I like to do craft projects (but am not very good at them.)

4 points if you know that I absolutely hate being alone at night. I get creeped out! My imagination gets going and I'm always afraid that a bad guy is going to break in...or something insane will happen like I'll accidentally drop a butcher knife on my toe and wont be able to drive myself to the hospital... or like the house is going to blow up. Like now. I'm home is night...and the smoke detector keeps beeping. There are no batteries on the smoke detector because it is wired into the house power, and I don't smell any naturally I think there is a weird gas in the house, and that it might blow up any minute. For realz.  (minus 2 points if you are making fun of me now lol)

2 points if you know that I was a cheerleader in middle school, highs school, and college, add 1 more point if you know I coached cheerleading in college too.

Add up your total points!
If you scored between  2-8 points:  Yay, we're friends! We should hang out more!
If you scored between 9-20 points: You know me pretty well, and we are probably pretty good friends!
 If you scored between 21-34 points: You know me inside and out. Are we best friends? If not, we should be! 
If you scored 35 points:You are probably my husband, and if you aren't: Why are you stalking me?! J/k Love you!
 If you scored more than 35 points:  You should probably invest in a calculator.


20 February 2012

Where was Pinterest back when I was planning MY wedding?

 Can I get married again? I mean to the same guy of course! but why not have a HUGE wedding celebration every 5 -10 years of marriage! I think it would totally be fun to dress up again and throw a big fancy party (as long as my parents pay for it again) It would go something like this:

The gorgeousness of it all is KILLING me! Thanks Pinterest.

Can someone please convince my husband that we need to have huge fancy anniversary parties every 5 years where I dress up in a fancy bridal gown, and he wears a hawt tux...with pretty flowers, delicious cake, oh and an exciting exotic honey moon after each party would be nice too. Please and thank you!

Breath in...

19 February 2012

SUNDAY. Deep breath in....and out...whew!

Today was a much needed break from the world.  These last few months have been very hectic moving across the country, and we have definitely been thrown few curve balls. We (probably many of you too!) are in a frantic decision making phase of our lives, trying to decide which school/career path to follow, where we want to end up...etc... and it is exhausting! I'm always grateful for Sunday, the special day of the week, when Jared and I set aside the worries of the world, and focus on Christ, and what is really important in this life. I always feel like after church on Sundays, I'm ready to start a new week with a fresh start and a new perspective!
 Love-love-love it.

Alright, that's enough ramblings from this girlie.  Here are some pics from the last few weeks!

Kyler has been sleeping A LOT lately...way more than usual. Growth spurt?
I finally finished my facebook photo challenge!
Jared spoiled me rotten on Valentines day...he always does :)

I hope you all have a great week!

Today You Are....

16 February 2012

Today I would like to share with you, friends and family, what I posted on Kyler's blog today. (the blog that Jared and I write letters to him on. We'll let Kyler read it...I dunno when he graduates or gets married or something haha)  Anyways, because most of you are so far away... Here is what he is like lately:

Dear Kyler,

Today you are 15 months! You are magic, growing up before my eyes.

Today you weigh 23 lbs. You are a tiny little dough boy.

Today you are full of giggles, especially when you see your daddy. You love to be tickled!

Today you have crazy hair. It is thick and coarse as can be.

Today you are a mama's boy. If anyone picks you up, you kindly reach back for your mama, and I love it.

Today you are walking like a pro. You like to kick balls around like you are playing soccer.

Today you love fruit and eggs the most, and graciously throw Bauer anything else.

 Today you ride in the car with several 13 year old girls a few times a week. You like to flirt with them, and occasionally cry when they get too loud. (I hope this still isn't the case 13 years from now)

Today you are learning many new words, and are trying to copy everything we say. It is as cute as can be!

Today you have a crazy smile with only two bottom teeth.

Today you are a binky-lovin' boy!

Today you have one chunky thigh roll on each leg, and I can't eat them enough.

Today you make everyone the store and everywhere we go.

Today, Kyler, you are the highlight of my day.

Love, Mom

A Few Things This Teething Mom Has Learned.

09 February 2012

Kyler's two bottom teeth have finally arrived, and now the top two will soon make their appearance too!
Here are a few lessons I've learned about teething toddlers:

Lesson 1. Teething is difficult for the baby, AND the mom!
Lesson 2. Cool, wet washcloths work wonders on sore gums.
Lesson 3.  RazBaby Razberry Teethers aren't what they appear to be. They look like this:
Cool right? Maybe even.....delicious?
Glued cheaply together +Too big +Not flavored = LAME.

Lesson 4. Don't give your teething baby foods that they actually have to chew, or this might happen:
On a brighter note, the dog LOVES when Kyler is teething!

Glamour shots.

03 February 2012

I'm doing the 15 Days Photo Challenge (album from facebook)

Today is Day 8-A picture of your pet.  I tried to get Bauer to cooperate, but it turns out that he is indeed a member of our family because he is quite UN-photogenic. See for yourself~

We love our pooch.