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A Few Things This Teething Mom Has Learned.

09 February 2012

Kyler's two bottom teeth have finally arrived, and now the top two will soon make their appearance too!
Here are a few lessons I've learned about teething toddlers:

Lesson 1. Teething is difficult for the baby, AND the mom!
Lesson 2. Cool, wet washcloths work wonders on sore gums.
Lesson 3.  RazBaby Razberry Teethers aren't what they appear to be. They look like this:
Cool right? Maybe even.....delicious?
Glued cheaply together +Too big +Not flavored = LAME.

Lesson 4. Don't give your teething baby foods that they actually have to chew, or this might happen:
On a brighter note, the dog LOVES when Kyler is teething!

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