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How well do you know me?

24 February 2012

Add up your points and see!
(Random facts)

2 Points if you know I majored in Child Development.

3 Points if you know that my dog has his own voice (he sounds like DUG from Up). 2 points if you have ever heard my impression of it. It's awesome.

3 Points if you know that I love singing! (4 points if you've ever heard me sing a solo! in the

5 points if you know that I have always wanted a Chinese baby. I don't know why, but I think they are the cutest!  Obviously none of mine and Jared's babies will ever be I really want to go to China, and adopt a Chinese baby girl someday. Have you ever seen "China's Lost Girls" on netflix? Breaks my heart!

2 Points if you know that I'm a Mormon.

1 Point if you know that I lived in Hawaii for a few months.

2 Points if you know that I'm the quietest person ever around strangers. It takes me a while (and when I say "a while" I mean like 6 months) to open up to people, but once I do, you'll be surprised to find that I'm actually pretty hyper/loud.

2 Points if you know that I am the youngest of 5 kids in my family.

2 Points if you know I like to do craft projects (but am not very good at them.)

4 points if you know that I absolutely hate being alone at night. I get creeped out! My imagination gets going and I'm always afraid that a bad guy is going to break in...or something insane will happen like I'll accidentally drop a butcher knife on my toe and wont be able to drive myself to the hospital... or like the house is going to blow up. Like now. I'm home is night...and the smoke detector keeps beeping. There are no batteries on the smoke detector because it is wired into the house power, and I don't smell any naturally I think there is a weird gas in the house, and that it might blow up any minute. For realz.  (minus 2 points if you are making fun of me now lol)

2 points if you know that I was a cheerleader in middle school, highs school, and college, add 1 more point if you know I coached cheerleading in college too.

Add up your total points!
If you scored between  2-8 points:  Yay, we're friends! We should hang out more!
If you scored between 9-20 points: You know me pretty well, and we are probably pretty good friends!
 If you scored between 21-34 points: You know me inside and out. Are we best friends? If not, we should be! 
If you scored 35 points:You are probably my husband, and if you aren't: Why are you stalking me?! J/k Love you!
 If you scored more than 35 points:  You should probably invest in a calculator.


  1. omg i got 100% and i'm not your huuzzbaaaynd. i'm yo SEESTER!

  2. i got 26 points and what do you know we are like best friends. lol


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