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Breath in...

19 February 2012

SUNDAY. Deep breath in....and out...whew!

Today was a much needed break from the world.  These last few months have been very hectic moving across the country, and we have definitely been thrown few curve balls. We (probably many of you too!) are in a frantic decision making phase of our lives, trying to decide which school/career path to follow, where we want to end up...etc... and it is exhausting! I'm always grateful for Sunday, the special day of the week, when Jared and I set aside the worries of the world, and focus on Christ, and what is really important in this life. I always feel like after church on Sundays, I'm ready to start a new week with a fresh start and a new perspective!
 Love-love-love it.

Alright, that's enough ramblings from this girlie.  Here are some pics from the last few weeks!

Kyler has been sleeping A LOT lately...way more than usual. Growth spurt?
I finally finished my facebook photo challenge!
Jared spoiled me rotten on Valentines day...he always does :)

I hope you all have a great week!

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