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16 February 2012

Today I would like to share with you, friends and family, what I posted on Kyler's blog today. (the blog that Jared and I write letters to him on. We'll let Kyler read it...I dunno when he graduates or gets married or something haha)  Anyways, because most of you are so far away... Here is what he is like lately:

Dear Kyler,

Today you are 15 months! You are magic, growing up before my eyes.

Today you weigh 23 lbs. You are a tiny little dough boy.

Today you are full of giggles, especially when you see your daddy. You love to be tickled!

Today you have crazy hair. It is thick and coarse as can be.

Today you are a mama's boy. If anyone picks you up, you kindly reach back for your mama, and I love it.

Today you are walking like a pro. You like to kick balls around like you are playing soccer.

Today you love fruit and eggs the most, and graciously throw Bauer anything else.

 Today you ride in the car with several 13 year old girls a few times a week. You like to flirt with them, and occasionally cry when they get too loud. (I hope this still isn't the case 13 years from now)

Today you are learning many new words, and are trying to copy everything we say. It is as cute as can be!

Today you have a crazy smile with only two bottom teeth.

Today you are a binky-lovin' boy!

Today you have one chunky thigh roll on each leg, and I can't eat them enough.

Today you make everyone the store and everywhere we go.

Today, Kyler, you are the highlight of my day.

Love, Mom


  1. how precious i love that you write him letters.

    was there suppossed to be something after "you might also like:"

  2. Yeah it is a new app, I haven't gotten it to work yet though :(


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