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What do we do when Daddy is gone?

25 February 2012

Jared has been working from 11am-10pm this week. I'm not a fan of that shift...but he does get time and a half overtime hours, so that's a bonus.  However, it has left me bored and lonely this week.  (thus all of the many blog posts the past few days) So here is what me and Ky have been up to, while Jared has been working:

We have been staying in our pjs for most of the day, and eating yummy snacks!
Exciting, huh?

Ky sat in the big boy chair this week! Doesn't he look so grown up? This pic turned out kinda blurry, so I decided to take another one, but riiiiight before I did, Ky thought it would be fun to stand up....which lead to this cute picture, of me catching him...instead of a non-blurry version of the above pic (maybe he isn't ready for a big boy chair yet after all)

Did you notice the new tat on my hand? Want a close up picture of it? Of course you do!
The ten year old I babysit drew it with a sharpie. Wonderful. I wonder how long that's going to take to wash off. Anyways, it is supposed to be a case you couldn't tell. Random, I know. haha gotta love kids :)

On a completely random note, I just had a flashback to when Jared and I were shopping for my engagement ring yearrrs ago.  We went to several stores just browsing (he hadn't officially popped the question yet) and this one lady kept insisting that we buy a ring before we left her store (reeeeal annoying). So I kindly told her that none of the rings in her store had what I was looking for. I described the type of ring I liked, and also mentioned that I would like a ring with a thick band to cover the scar on my finger that was there from surgery from when I broke it on my trampoline in 8th grade. Then the sales lady informed me that I shouldn't be looking for a ring with a thick band anyways, because hers are so pretty that nobody will be looking at my scar anyways. REALLY? She was trying to tell me what kind of ring I wanted? Is she really that desperate?  So Jared drove me to a new store, where I found the ring I'm wearing now. The second I put it on, I immediately fell in love with it, and best of all, there was no annoying sales lady telling me which ring I should and shouldn't like! ps I'm diggin' the white nails this week. They feel so fresh and clean! I tried to do the punk all black look once (I like it on other people)...but it didn't work for me. I love the white look though!

Okay, one last picture:
Kyler will be on the completely opposite side of the a different room...playing with his toys, but the second I open the fridge door BAM he is right there playing with the glass soy sauce bottle, and taking off the Redi Wip cap and licking it. yummmm. He is a handful these days, but he cracks me up.

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