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26 March 2012

A few things that are making me smile lately:
1. Kyler saying "un dooo feeee!!" (1..2..3) whenever he wants to be thrown in the air.
2.  Jared getting battle wounds on his hands from tickling me.
3. Schrammah reading Kyler a pop-out "Wheels on the Bus" book...and Kyler pulled one of the wheels off of the bus.
4. Everyone feeling better, and finally getting back in our routine of going to the gym.
5. Sitting in between my boys at church.
6. Getting new shoes and perfume!
7. Watching Kyler chase Jared around the kitchen.
8. Jared doing a somersault of embarrassment when I informed him that he sent MY MOM a text message that he thought he sent to ME.
9. Eating homemade hummus.
10. Jared finishing working the 3rd shift.

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