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A Bra for Bauer.

25 March 2012

A few months ago I took Bauer on a walk. I tied his leash to the stroller, because it's easier to have both hands free. After our walk, I got Kyler out, and left Bauer tied to the stroller while I poured fresh water into his bowl. Apparently Bauer was REALLY thirsty, because he bolted for the water (still tied up) and the stroller flew across the room, and landed on top of him (woops, my bad). Luckily, I was holding Kyler while this happened.

 I definitely learned my lesson about not keeping Bauer tied to the stroller, but Bauer is still terrified of it. Whenever we go on walks... he pulls on his leash to get as far away from the stroller as possible. Understandably so, but it makes it nearly impossible for me to enjoy walks when I'm always struggling to make Bauer walk normally next to me while pushing the stroller too.

Soooo.....we got him a doggy bra (as I like to call it) and he transformed over night into the perfect walking companion. All for just 12 bucks! We put it on him whenever we go on walks, and I love it. He walks right by my side, and doesn't pull away from the stroller!

Here is the bra-stylin' dog:

Here are a few more pics from this week:
 Jared took me to The Hunger Games in theaters on Friday. It was the first movie we've been to this year!  Neither of us were really into the books...but it was fun nonetheless to go on a date without the lil one (as cute as he is).... AND it was also fun to feel all cool and hip seeing the big movie on opening day. hah.

Our lil Ky-Dizzle thinks hats are hilarious:
 Hope you all have a great week!

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