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02 March 2012

We just got back from a concert performed by Fading Point, a singing group from SVU. Kyler was the biggest fan in the crowd (he kept clapping the whole time, even in the middle of songs). He was quite entertained, for the first 10 minutes anyway, and then he wanted to run Jared ended up taking him outside to play. While Jared was gone, the group started singing "I'm Yours" by Jack Johnson, which is mine and Jared's "song" because it was the song that was playing on the radio when we started "officially dating".  So anyways, while that song was playing, I was wishing Jared was there to listen to it with me, when Jared appeared out of thin air, grabbed my hand and lead me to the back of the auditorium to dance with me. 
Come on, say it with me: "awwwww!!!" haha We are so cheesy I love it.

After the concert was over an elderly man approached me and said: "You did such a good job singing! I really enjoyed the show." I hadn't noticed earlier, but I kinda resembled one of the singers (same size/hair color) and I was even wearing practically the same outfit that she was performing in. I just kinda smiled at the old man, and nodded my head. Hahaaa... awkward. what-do-ya-do?

My parents have been visiting their beach house for the last while (besides coming back on weekends for church)
While they have been gone, me- Jared-and-Kyler have been babysitting their house:
The house is kinda big for the three of us, and because Jared has been working so much lately, it's pretty much just been me and Kyler home during the day, but heyy, I'm not complaining about having a huge house all to ourselves. It's been fun! We just rotate rooms whenever we get bored. Kyler has toys in practically every room, so he is staying thoroughly entertained, and I don't have to worry about bothering anyone with my cute but oh so noisy/messy toddler.
Special thanks to my wonderful parents, for letting us stay at their house rent free! Love you guys!!

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  1. nice pic of the Island! i hadn't see that. good updates on ur blog and PS...remember to put a towel down first
    on the Big Boy Chair aka-barstool when u set his highness on it! ;)


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