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Darth Vader Baby

15 March 2012

Last week we took Kyler to Chucky Cheeses for the first time! He was a little intimidated by Chuck at first, but by the end of dinner, Kyler waved hello to him (his first time every waving hello!)

Jared is working the graveyard shift at the hospital for the next two weeks. BOOO. There is no way I will be getting any sleep between him being gone, and Kyler being sick. So I guess the whole fam is going to be running low on sleep for the next while.

Kyler has been sick with Croup. He sounds like Darth Vader when he breaths, and a barking seal when he coughs. It's kinda funny in a sick kind of way. (haha get it?) I'm pretty sure that I'm the only person that ever laughs at my jokes. The other day I was taking Kyler's temperature under his armpit, and Jared informed me that rectal temperatures on babies are much more accurate, and then he said:

"Hey Char, what's the difference between a regular thermometer and a rectal thermometer?"
I said: "I dunno...the shape?"
and he said: "Wrong....the taste, duh."

I about DIED laughing. Why are his jokes always so funny?! Anyways, today was the third day that Kyler has been sick, so we decided it was time for him to get some fresh air outside in the beautiful weather. At the park I whipped out my handy-dandy sanitation wipes and hand sanitizer, and gave the swings a sanitation bath, before putting Kyler in. After about 5 seconds of swinging, Kyler put his arms up in the air and said: "Done?"  I NEVER thought I would EVER hear that word come out of Kyler's mouth while swinging. Poor lil kid, he definitely must still be feeling sick yet, is still somehow managing to keep his sense of humor. Here he is helping us cook dinner, by taking all of the pots and pans out of the cupboards:
Note to self: WASH THAT POT before using it again :)

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