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Eavesdropping on us

10 March 2012

"Hey Jared....Kyler found your tooth brush and is USING it!"
"How was work?"
"Kyler come back!!!"
"Ky, are you Hungry? Thirsty? Sleepy?"
"Jare, wanna watch America Idol with me? Please?!?"
"The floors need cleaning...AGAIN and I just vacuumed this morning!"
 "Can you take out Kyler's poopy diapers?"
"I love our little boy so much."

"Muahh ha ha. Hey Char, Kyler is about to put YOUR toothbrush in the toilet."
"Kyler is playing the the dog's food and water bowls...AGAIN!"
"Bauer, you are such a good dog, you are my buddy."
"What's for dinner?"
"Give me five Kyler!" 
"Finally, I can relax without having to worry about having to study."
"Wanna get a Redbox tonight?"

" Uh oh!"
"Ju Ju" (juice)
"Crack Crack" (cracker)
"Deedus" (Jesus)

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