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My Garbage Disposal Wouldn't Eat It

08 March 2012

I found an Orange Chicken Recipe on Pinterest, that looked DELICIOUS.
I had all of the ingredients, plus, its a crock pot meal, which I love, because then it is ready to eat whenever Jared gets home from work, and I get home from babysitting.
I followed the recipe COMPLETELY, and it even smelled yummy!

After I took a teeeny bite, I was horrified that the meal I had made was actually quite repulsive. I knew it was bad when Jared started gagging, and couldn't keep it down. (made me cry a little... but not too much because it actually did taste disgusting. Nobody could have paid me to take another bite)

Anyways, we decided to let Kyler try it, because he really does eat anything, and I didn't want the meal to go to complete waste. We caught his reaction on video. I will show it to you in a minute, but let me first let me give you a little background on my garbage disposal of a child. Literally.

The other night I threw away a chocolate chip cookie, because it was old, and had been sitting out on a plate on the counter uncovered, which made it about as hard as a diamond.  Kyler woke up the next morning. I got him dressed, and then went to my own room to get dressed for the day.  As I descended down the stairs, I saw my little boy peering up at me with chocolate smeared all over his cheeks, and the biggest goober grin on his face. His chubby little hands were clutching a half eaten chocolate chip cookie. THE old-stale chocolate chip cookie I had thrown away the night before. He was so proud of himself for finding his OWN breakfast without me.

He must've walked by the trashcan, saw the cookie, and thought 
"OoooOOOooo!! Don't mind if I do!"

hahaha  Anyways, here is what my garbage disposal of a child thought of the Pinterest Orange Chicken:

My favorite part was the "uh oh!" he said after he spit it out. Needless to say, last night ended in us going OUT for dinner.
ps, In my own defense, I'm really not a bad cook, I promise!!! It was just a bad recipe!  (How many times have you heard a bad cook say that before? awww :( )


  1. oh my goodness that is such a cute video. i notice that you have another orange chicken recipe under your recipes tab was that one any good?

  2. that one in my recipe tab is sweet and sour chicken, and YES the sweet and sour recipe, is AMAZING.
    ps this is CHAR

  3. oh ok well thats good that that one was amazing. lol


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