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Naughty Toddler Moment #2

05 March 2012

Remember THIS awesome "noticing silence" mommy moment?? 
Well, here is another one of those.

Jared and I were sitting in the living room, watching a show together. Kyler was running around playing with his toys, when all of the sudden it got real quiet. No pitter patter steps on the wood clanking of his toys....or little toddler jibber jabber words....
We paused the TV and said "Kyler?!??"
......... no response........
Jared and I looked at each other, and said the same thing "Uh oh. He is up to no good!"
Here is the no good he was up to: 
Not only was he playing with the dog's food, putting it in the water bowl, and squishing it with his fingers, and splashing water EVERYWHERE...buuuut he had also found his stuffed animal puppy and was making it eat and drink our dog's food and water as well!

Hmmmm guilty or not guilty?
Jared and I couldn't help but laugh, he looked SOOO guilty.
I love little moments like these. You might think I'm crazy for saying that, but I really do!
Jared and I are so lucky to have this little guy in our lives. He brings so much joy and happiness! 

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