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Slowly but SURELY.

21 March 2012

Slowly, but surely, we are making progress concerning decisions about our future (jobs...schooling...places to live..etc) We are still a ways out from knowing exactly what it will be, but things are falling into place, and we are narrowing down our options! We will let you all know, as soon as we reach our decision.

Also "slowly but surely" I am SURVIVING at being a widow at night while Jared works the graveyard shift. Only 3 nights left! I hate being alone at night, but somehow, It hasn't been as bad as I expected. Every night he has been gone, my old roomates, cousins, and even friends I haven't talked to in forever, have all chipped in, in keeping me company by emailing me and chatting with me online, and most of them didn't have any idea, that Jared was gone, and that their company, was EXACTLY what I needed. Special thanks to all of my friends for making me feel so loved :)

I know I always repost pictures from facebok, sorrry, but a lot of my family (including my own husband hah) dont have a facebook, so i'm posting it up here too! Kyler's top two teeth are finally starting to show:
He loves that chair. It spins around and he always gets the hugest smile and says "Eeeeeeee!" I love him.
 ps he is 16 months old now!

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  1. So just to let you know, I am always following your blog and Ky is getting so big and grown up looking!! I can't believe it! I wish you were here to come with Theresa and I to bring the kiddos to the park :)

    Oh and P.S. that Wal Mart incident was one of the funniest things I've been through! He totally used the line "Wow I can't believe you made it through BYU Idaho without getting married, I'm so surprised, a cute girl like you..."
    Ummm what?? I guess that's what happens when you go to Wal Mart by yourself :) I felt so bad for him, when I had to quickly point out my belly!

    Keep the updates and blog posts coming!!


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