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Why Not Beautiful? Look and See.

18 March 2012

  As Jared and I were driving past uptown Charlotte today, I noticed how in the past week, everything turned green outside, and all the trees bloomed pretty white/purple flowers. It was absolutely beautiful! I wondered why couldn't the pretty spring flowers just stay on the trees like that forever?  I thought about it, and realized that not only would we not appreciate the beauty of spring flowers if we enjoyed them all of the time, but also that maybe each month of the year (even "ugly" cold wet winter months) are beautiful too, and I had just never noticed before. I read this article, and thought it kind of went along with my thoughts today:

"Why did Heavenly Father make me so plain? I thought, as I looked in the mirror. I picked up the note I had to deliver and headed out into the cold wind. That morning in church my friend had given a talk about Esther, the Jewish maiden who was so beautiful that the king had chosen her to be his queen. Her beauty had also allowed her to save her people from destruction. I figured that the Lord had made her beautiful for that very purpose. If a beautiful woman can accomplish things that are impossible for a plain girl, why aren’t we all as beautiful as Esther? I wondered. 

Does Heavenly Father love some of his daughters more and reward them with beauty?

I delivered my note and started back home, still thinking about Esther and feeling more and more depressed. After all, what could a plain girl like me have come to accomplish? I thought.

The cold air stung my cheeks, and I shoved my hands deeper into my jacket. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the snow sparkle in the sunlight. I looked up and noticed that the sky was a deep, clear blue. The trees stood tall and strong along the road. Suddenly I was amazed by the incredible beauty of the day. I looked around for someone to share it with, but none of my neighbors were in their yards enjoying the weather. In fact, the street was empty.

 It wasn’t a wonderful summer morning or a crisp fall afternoon or even a quiet winter night, but this day was beautiful in its own way. And I began to understand about Esther and beauty.

Sameness is clearly not beauty to the Lord—just look at the Earth. The Lord didn’t decide that one climate, flower, tree, or animal was the most beautiful and make it over and over again. He made desert canyons, forest meadows, oceans, plains, and peaks. And I believe he is pleased with each of them. A God who makes lizards and koala bears must love diversity and understand the virtue of differing strengths.

If the eyes of the world can’t see my beauty right now, the Lord knows where it is. And who knows? There may be something that needs doing that only I can accomplish. Like Esther, I might have come to the kingdom for just such a time as this."-- (Diane L. Mangum)

Does the majority of the world have eyes to see what true beauty is? Look for the beautiful in life. Live your life to your best ability, and nothing is more beautiful than that.

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