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Cage or Freedom?

29 April 2012

Before we fell asleep last night, this was mine and Jared's conversation:

Me: Kyler is getting so big, huh?
Jared: Yep. When we move next month, he is going to sleep in a toddler bed.
Me: WHAT? No way!!
Jared: He is a walking talking toddler. He needs a big boy bed.
Me: No, he is a baby. Have you seen how crazy of a sleeper he is? He would fall off the bed every night!
Jared: He will learn how to sleep in one spot. He will be just fine. Besides, toddler beds are only 3 inches off the ground.

...The next morning...we woke up to Kyler making monkey sounds....

Me: You see? Kyler is a little monkey, he needs a cage.
Jared: Haven't you seen Planet of the Apes? Monkey's need to be FREE.
Jared: Alright, we will flip a coin.

So flip we will.
Anybody have a double sided coin I can borrow? 


  1. Just found your blog! Love. We are still very much in the crib at 26 months. She doesn't climb out, so why mess with a good thing. I don't plan on trying until the late summer or fall.

  2. You shouldn't move him to a toddler bed until he can climb out of the crib and when he does get a toddler bed the toddler rails work great


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