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18 April 2012

For the past couple of months I have been really good at getting the grocery shopping routine down (for the most part).
Here is what I do:
  1.  I go online and find recipes for meals I want to cook that week.
  2. I type up a list of the ingredients for those recipes, and other basics we need from the grocery store. At the top of the list, I name which meals I will be cooking that week in BOLD.
  3. I print the list out, and cut the top part off that says which meals I will be cooking that week, and stick it on the fridge. 
  4. At the grocery store, my husband and I divide and CONQUER (we switch off who has to take Kyler each week hahaha...he always throws half of what you put in the cart out.)  I divide the actual grocery list in two, and give half to Jared. This way we know who is getting what things while we are at the grocery store, and can be outa there twice as fast. 
 I know,  it sounds complicated, but it actually makes things go so much easier and faster for us. I like being able to glance at the fridge and know exactly what meals I have all of the ingredients for.

 I always cook 5 meals a week, and then on Friday and Saturday we either go out or eat leftovers.I'm always curious about what my friends cook for dinner, and how much they spend per week on groceries, so I am going to post my list from last week.

 Here is what I am made last week:
                                                     -Crockpot Chicken Tacos
                                                     -7 Layer Salad
                                                     -Beef Enchiladas
                                                     -Creamy Potato and Chicken Soup
                                                     -Hamburgers with roman noodle salad.
Our grocery bill came up to $92.79 (including basic milk/eggs, things for breakfast and snacks...ect)  We typically spend around $100 a week. Is that in the normal range? How much do you spend on groceries? and how do you organize your meal plans? I'm always looking for ways to cut-back and improve!

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  1. We budget about $60 a week for groceries, that includes toiletries, and basics...eggs, milk, bread. I do the same thing with my groceries....make a list of meals, but I always have a few cheap and easy meals. They are always good to have b/c some nights get crazy and I need to make something quick. It also helps cut our bill down. ie....grilled cheese and tomato soup, mac & Cheese, sandwiches, pasta, breakfast/french toast, hot dogs/chili dogs.

    Some weeks I am way under budget, and some I am over. Like this week, we have Dani's blessing, and people in town, so I bought more. But last week I only spend $54 on groceries.

    But good job!...I find that if I have my list, I don't over spend, or forget anything, or have to go to the store multiple times....especially with kids, going to the store once a week is enough!


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