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Nursery Prep

02 April 2012

Kyler will be going into nursery at church NEXT MONTH when he turns 18 months old! I think he will do just fine. I've been taking him to Kidz Club at the gym while I work out, and they always tell me he is really good for them. In preparation for nursery, he has been practicing drinking out of a big boy cup and I've been teaching him primary songs. His favorite song so far is "Jesus Wants Me for a SunBEAM".

 I taught him "I am a Child of God" today... apparently he didn't think it was as fun of a song, because he just ignored my singing most of the time (or maybe he was just distracted by his "hat?" lol) You decide.

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  1. They have sippy cups for all the kids at mom's nursery! so don't worry bout spillin on yo handsome outfit lil man!


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