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The Hose.

23 May 2012

Whenever we leave the house, we leave Bauer in the garage (I don't like him having free roam of the house when we are out). This morning as I was pulling out of the driveway to run a quick errand, my neighbors were outside, and I got distracted by waving to them, and completely forgot to close the garage door with Bauer inside! I was gone maybe 30 minutes. When I returned home and saw that the garage door was left opened I PANICKED and thought for sure he had run away, and that would be the end of Bauer.

I jumped out of the car and yelled "BAUERRRRRR!!!!"......nothing. I bolted around the corner of the house, hoping that maybe by some small chance he would be there but seriously doubted that, because we don't have a fence, and our yard backs up to a golf course- a field that I know he would just love to run in- but I was wrong. There he was running around like a crazy dog in our tiny back yard completely covered in mud that was a result from last night's rain storm. He was filthy and smelly, but he was alive and home so I wasn't too disappointed to see him that way.

I gave him a bath on the driveway using the hose, because he was too dirty to bring inside. He hated every minute of it.
...and gave me dirty looks the whole time.

 Kyler, on the other hand, LOVED every minute of Bauer's bath. I thought he would be scared of the hose, much like the sprinklers, but I was surprised yet again to find that he loved it. I ended up taking his outfit off, because it got completely drenched. 

Ky sprayed himself in the face many times, the first time he panicked, but after that, he thought it was hilarious. I caught the first time he sprayed himself in the face on video. LOL poor baby! He went right back to playing after.

Big church day and we're moving!

20 May 2012

Today was a big Sunday here for us! Kyler "officially" started going to nursery during the last 2 hours of church because he is 18 months old now! He adjusted like a pro. He whimpered for about 10 seconds after we left. Then he sat in the nursery leaders lap for 5 minutes, after that he was all on his own playing with the other kids! He had a blast, and got so tuckered out he fell asleep in the car! (which practically never happens anymore)

Today was my first day teaching Sunday school, I have about ten 17 year olds in my class. I love them already; they are so fun. I also spoke in Sacrament meeting today. Jared is feeling better now, so hopefully he will get to speak in church soon too. *wink wink.

Jared and I gave Kyler a bath in Schramma's kitchen sink this week. It's the perfect size! Jared gave Ky this stylin' bubble mo-hawk: Awesome.
We had lots of family here this week! Aunt Mel, Uncle Dean and cousins Carmella and Rome visited. AND auntie Courtney and Uncle Calvin moved here!
Here is Carmella taking on a whole bagel by herself. She is the only toddler I know who can eat more than Kyler! (how does she stay so skinny?)

This is Kyler HATING being in the car for 4 hours straight while Jared and I were trying to find a place to live.
But the good news? All of the long hours in the car paid off, and we found the perfect place for our little family to live!
We were originally looking for a two bedroom apartment, but we ended up finding a 3 bedroom house for rent with a yard and garage for the same price! SCORE. We move in two weeks!

Last ba-ba!

14 May 2012

Tonight Kyler had his last bottle of milk.  We hung onto his bottle before bed for a while because I wanted to make sure he was ready to say good bye. I think that this picture pretty much says it all. HE IS READY.
 Of course I documented with pictures, it's a big deal okay!?
Good bye ba-ba!

Mother's Day

 Thank you Kyler for making me a mom!...and thank you Jared for spoiling me rotten on Mother's Day!

It's been a crazy busy week. Jared started working a few 12 hour shifts at the hospital last week, and this week he is home sick on medical leave from work. He is contagious to anyone who hasn't already had the Chicken Pox, so we are praying that Kyler doesn't get it!
I got a new calling (responsibility) at Church this week. I am now the Sunday School Teacher for the 15-18 year olds! I am so excited to be working with the youth... although I almost feel inadequate given I still feel like I AM a youth at times; It will be a very humbling experience for me, and I look forward to it. I start teaching on Sunday!

Since WHEN?!

09 May 2012

Jared and I noticed the other day that Kyler has stopped calling me "mama" and now refers to me as "Shaw!"  I guess that makes sense in his mind, because everyone else calls me Char, so why shouldn't he?  Anyways, it got me thinking.... 

Since when  did he become too big to ride in the stroller?

Since when would he rather eat all by himself instead of having his mommy or daddy feed him?

Since when did he grow big enough to take up his entire crib?

Since when did he become brave enough to run through the sprinklers like a big kid?
Okay they were all true but this last one. He actually ran into (not through) the sprinklers...and stopped. 
In the middle of the yard.  
Frozen in shock that he was actually getting WET. All while the sprinklers where hosing him down like a house on fire. I tried to coax him to run back to me, but he remained paralyzed.. Getting wetter by the second millisecond.

I of course then had to run out and rescue him, getting completely soaked myself, but it made me feel fantastic knowing that he still needs me. WHEW!!!


06 May 2012

 10 Signs of Digital Overload:

1. Slipping away from activities with people to check e-mail or social networking sites.
2. Checking the same sites repeatedly within a short period of time.
3. Spending little time outside.
4. Finding it hard to complete a task such as writing a report without frequently breaking away to check e-mail or unrelated websites.
5. Spending little time in face-to-face interactions with friends.
6. Going online or using a digital device when you feel stressed or want to avoid an unpleasant task.
7. Family members spending most of their time at home in separate rooms interacting with screens.
8. frequently using digital devices to entertain a child instead of talking, singing, playing, or reading with him or her.
9. Checking the computer first thing in the morning, or getting up during the night to use digital devices.
10. Spending long stretches of time surfing for content, often viewing content that is inappropriate or borderline.

I read this article recently, and thought it was really good! Here is the basic summary, the link to the full article is at the end.
Let's stay spiritually grounded in a digital world, to keep us safe and our lives balanced. Let's find ways to use technology in good ways to uplift ourselves and people around us, and last but not least, let's cut back time spent staring at the screen, and replace that time with service to others, and spending time with our families, and ultimately doing things that will bring us closer to God. Let's think of terms of what we can give, not of what we might get. -Ensign

"When we qualify ourselves by our worthiness, when we strive with faith nothing wavering to fulfill the duties appointed to us, when we seek the inspiration of the Almighty in the performance of our responsibilities, we can achieve the miraculous." -Thomas S. Monson.

First Band-Aid and Puff Ball activity

01 May 2012

Kyler tripped over his ball and scraped his knee on the driveway, so he got his first Band-Aid!
I was a little disappointed that I didn't have any cute cartoon Band-Aids for his first booboo, but then again, I'm grateful that he hasn't ever needed a Band-Aid until now.
He kept touching his Band-Aid all day and saying "Owwweeee!" through pursed lips.

Every night before Jared and I go to bed, we sneak in and peek at sleeping Kyler. We love when he tries to sleep sideways in his crib (he is too big to fit) and a leg or arm is hanging out between the bars.

 Here is another toddler-on-the-go activity I made. I made it using a free wipes case that came free with a HUGE box of wipes we bought, and some of my left over scrap material.
Don't all toddler's love pulling wipes out of the case? Kyler LOVES this. He pulls them all out and then drags them around the house.
I tied so many little fabric pieces together. It is probably about 8 feet long.