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Big church day and we're moving!

20 May 2012

Today was a big Sunday here for us! Kyler "officially" started going to nursery during the last 2 hours of church because he is 18 months old now! He adjusted like a pro. He whimpered for about 10 seconds after we left. Then he sat in the nursery leaders lap for 5 minutes, after that he was all on his own playing with the other kids! He had a blast, and got so tuckered out he fell asleep in the car! (which practically never happens anymore)

Today was my first day teaching Sunday school, I have about ten 17 year olds in my class. I love them already; they are so fun. I also spoke in Sacrament meeting today. Jared is feeling better now, so hopefully he will get to speak in church soon too. *wink wink.

Jared and I gave Kyler a bath in Schramma's kitchen sink this week. It's the perfect size! Jared gave Ky this stylin' bubble mo-hawk: Awesome.
We had lots of family here this week! Aunt Mel, Uncle Dean and cousins Carmella and Rome visited. AND auntie Courtney and Uncle Calvin moved here!
Here is Carmella taking on a whole bagel by herself. She is the only toddler I know who can eat more than Kyler! (how does she stay so skinny?)

This is Kyler HATING being in the car for 4 hours straight while Jared and I were trying to find a place to live.
But the good news? All of the long hours in the car paid off, and we found the perfect place for our little family to live!
We were originally looking for a two bedroom apartment, but we ended up finding a 3 bedroom house for rent with a yard and garage for the same price! SCORE. We move in two weeks!

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