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First Band-Aid and Puff Ball activity

01 May 2012

Kyler tripped over his ball and scraped his knee on the driveway, so he got his first Band-Aid!
I was a little disappointed that I didn't have any cute cartoon Band-Aids for his first booboo, but then again, I'm grateful that he hasn't ever needed a Band-Aid until now.
He kept touching his Band-Aid all day and saying "Owwweeee!" through pursed lips.

Every night before Jared and I go to bed, we sneak in and peek at sleeping Kyler. We love when he tries to sleep sideways in his crib (he is too big to fit) and a leg or arm is hanging out between the bars.

 Here is another toddler-on-the-go activity I made. I made it using a free wipes case that came free with a HUGE box of wipes we bought, and some of my left over scrap material.
Don't all toddler's love pulling wipes out of the case? Kyler LOVES this. He pulls them all out and then drags them around the house.
I tied so many little fabric pieces together. It is probably about 8 feet long.

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