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The Hose.

23 May 2012

Whenever we leave the house, we leave Bauer in the garage (I don't like him having free roam of the house when we are out). This morning as I was pulling out of the driveway to run a quick errand, my neighbors were outside, and I got distracted by waving to them, and completely forgot to close the garage door with Bauer inside! I was gone maybe 30 minutes. When I returned home and saw that the garage door was left opened I PANICKED and thought for sure he had run away, and that would be the end of Bauer.

I jumped out of the car and yelled "BAUERRRRRR!!!!"......nothing. I bolted around the corner of the house, hoping that maybe by some small chance he would be there but seriously doubted that, because we don't have a fence, and our yard backs up to a golf course- a field that I know he would just love to run in- but I was wrong. There he was running around like a crazy dog in our tiny back yard completely covered in mud that was a result from last night's rain storm. He was filthy and smelly, but he was alive and home so I wasn't too disappointed to see him that way.

I gave him a bath on the driveway using the hose, because he was too dirty to bring inside. He hated every minute of it.
...and gave me dirty looks the whole time.

 Kyler, on the other hand, LOVED every minute of Bauer's bath. I thought he would be scared of the hose, much like the sprinklers, but I was surprised yet again to find that he loved it. I ended up taking his outfit off, because it got completely drenched. 

Ky sprayed himself in the face many times, the first time he panicked, but after that, he thought it was hilarious. I caught the first time he sprayed himself in the face on video. LOL poor baby! He went right back to playing after.

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