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Last ba-ba!

14 May 2012

Tonight Kyler had his last bottle of milk.  We hung onto his bottle before bed for a while because I wanted to make sure he was ready to say good bye. I think that this picture pretty much says it all. HE IS READY.
 Of course I documented with pictures, it's a big deal okay!?
Good bye ba-ba!


  1. way to go Ky! Doe she still take a bink? When do you let those go, my ped says 15months, but she much be crazy because that has not worked in our house!

  2. Yep Kyler still has a binky, but we have slowly been cutting down on it. We make him leave it in his crib, so he only gets it before nap and bedtime, and he is fine with that! We also got him the huge 18-36 month size binky so it shouldn't affect his teeth coming in. I think every kid is different, Ky started letting us know he didn't need it as much by throwing it.


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