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Since WHEN?!

09 May 2012

Jared and I noticed the other day that Kyler has stopped calling me "mama" and now refers to me as "Shaw!"  I guess that makes sense in his mind, because everyone else calls me Char, so why shouldn't he?  Anyways, it got me thinking.... 

Since when  did he become too big to ride in the stroller?

Since when would he rather eat all by himself instead of having his mommy or daddy feed him?

Since when did he grow big enough to take up his entire crib?

Since when did he become brave enough to run through the sprinklers like a big kid?
Okay they were all true but this last one. He actually ran into (not through) the sprinklers...and stopped. 
In the middle of the yard.  
Frozen in shock that he was actually getting WET. All while the sprinklers where hosing him down like a house on fire. I tried to coax him to run back to me, but he remained paralyzed.. Getting wetter by the second millisecond.

I of course then had to run out and rescue him, getting completely soaked myself, but it made me feel fantastic knowing that he still needs me. WHEW!!!

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