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06 May 2012

 10 Signs of Digital Overload:

1. Slipping away from activities with people to check e-mail or social networking sites.
2. Checking the same sites repeatedly within a short period of time.
3. Spending little time outside.
4. Finding it hard to complete a task such as writing a report without frequently breaking away to check e-mail or unrelated websites.
5. Spending little time in face-to-face interactions with friends.
6. Going online or using a digital device when you feel stressed or want to avoid an unpleasant task.
7. Family members spending most of their time at home in separate rooms interacting with screens.
8. frequently using digital devices to entertain a child instead of talking, singing, playing, or reading with him or her.
9. Checking the computer first thing in the morning, or getting up during the night to use digital devices.
10. Spending long stretches of time surfing for content, often viewing content that is inappropriate or borderline.

I read this article recently, and thought it was really good! Here is the basic summary, the link to the full article is at the end.
Let's stay spiritually grounded in a digital world, to keep us safe and our lives balanced. Let's find ways to use technology in good ways to uplift ourselves and people around us, and last but not least, let's cut back time spent staring at the screen, and replace that time with service to others, and spending time with our families, and ultimately doing things that will bring us closer to God. Let's think of terms of what we can give, not of what we might get. -Ensign

"When we qualify ourselves by our worthiness, when we strive with faith nothing wavering to fulfill the duties appointed to us, when we seek the inspiration of the Almighty in the performance of our responsibilities, we can achieve the miraculous." -Thomas S. Monson.

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