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19 months!

16 June 2012

This little boy turned 19 months old today!
We love him so much!  The newest thing about this little guy, is his vocabulary exploded this last month. I stopped counting the number of words he can say, because he learns several new words everyday. Yay! Proud mom and dad in this house :)  

Last week, Kyler woke up from his nap and was talking to himself in his crib. I cracked open the door to listen to him, but as soon as he saw me, he laid down and pretended to sleep. LOL He has been doing this fake snoring thing lately, it cracks me up.

He is so curious about life, and it is fun watching things "click" for him.We have been doing a lot of swimming lately. I got Kyler's old blowup pool out, and he has loved that.  He kept looking at the flowers and saying "FLOWUH!!" Then he would rip it off its' stem and throw it in the pool. He did this about 500393299 times. Such a boy.
We are getting a lawnmower today, and getting rid of the weeds, so this was the last time he got to play that game.

We also went to my parent's big neighborhood pool this week too. It has a splash park for little kids... it was quite the adventure for Ky.

We are looking forward to celebrating Father's Day tomorrow! 

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