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Father's Day 2012

18 June 2012

Jared and Kyler have a  very strong relationship. I love it.
Everyday when Jared gets home from work, Kyler runs to him with open arms, and does as pictured above. Then, Ky begs to be tickled, and of course Jared consents. (I've never seen him refuse an opportunity to tickle) and then Kyler laughs his deep belly-gut giggle, and I watch the two of them together and can't help but grin from ear to ear. I love these boys.
Yesterday we had my own amazing dad over for Father's Day dinner, as well as my brother Calvin, and his wife Courtney. We love living near family, but are sure missing the ones that live so far away! Especially Jared's dad in Utah, we love and miss you Grandpa Antcak, Happy Father's Day!

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