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A Storm to Remember

04 July 2012

We just got back from the beach. We had an awesome time.  Everyone in my family (except the Roggias) was able to make it this year (they missed out!).  Kyler of course decided that family reunion would be a perfect time to grow in two molars. He was miserable with a fever, but kept up his good spirit. We had to leave a little earlier than we wanted, due to Jared having to work, Kyler being feverish, and nobody to take Bauer out at home, but we enjoyed every minute of our time at the Lucky Leaf!  My parents just painted it green! (it used to be yellow) and it looks really good.

Also last week, Kyler (my non-climbing toddler that I always brag about) discovered how to climb out of his crib, so we made the switch to the TODDLER BED. I bawled my eyes out at least 4 times (ask jared). It was like saying goodbye to my baby for me. Pictures of his new big boy bed to come, but for now, here are some pics of our time at the beach and my new haircut/color!

Selfie!! bahahah had to document I actually put make up on once.

My dad caught 3 crabs in his crab trap!
We had lot's of fun cousin playing time.
 Jared and I caught some awesome waves boogie boarding. The ocean was PERFECT swimming temperature.

 While we were out on our back deck taking family pictures, a ginormous storm swept over us. It was BEAUTIFUL.
The storm was beautiful, but it made for some very windblown hair for family pictures, and I was wearing a flowy babydoll style shirt, and the wind blew it out, so I look like I'm pregnant in all of our family pictures (I'm not!). I won't be posting the bad ones haha.

Kyler LOVED the storm, and kept clapping every time he saw lightning, so most of our pictures ended up looking like this (blurry because he was clapping his hands) anyway. He is so silly.
I love my boys!
We'll always remember the beautiful storm that interrupted our family pictures.

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  1. fun char! love the blog update! you're a pretty mommy.


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